VIP Home Maintenance PLAN

Introducing the VIP Home Maintenance Plan

Have you ever had a tough time finding a contractor you can trust? So have we and so have most of our customers!

For almost 5 years, thousands of Western Washington homeowners have trusted us for their pest control needs. And a growing number have asked us, “What other services can you help with?” In response, in May 2022 we transitioned from Issaquah Pest Control to Issaquah Pest & Home Services.

And now we’re excited to offer our VIP Home Maintenance Plan

What is the VIP Home Maintenance Plan?

The VIP Maintenance Plan is designed to relieve the stress of home maintenance. We build a custom plan for your home, then perform quarterly inspection & maintenance services so you don’t have to.

There are dozens of maintenance items that should be completed on a regular basis like changing furnace filters to winterizing outdoor faucets. Who has the time for that?! We do.

“From the Chimney to the Crawlspace, We Have You Covered”

What’s Included in the Plan?

  1. Custom built maintenance calendar
  2. Database of home information (like blueprints, model numbers, brands, owner’s manuals, measurements, materials, etc.)
  3. Dozens of home maintenance items done for you
  4. Whole home inspections to identify changes and areas of concern
  5. The same great pest control service you know and love
  6. Exclusive access to a locally based home concierge with a dedicated text line
  7. Priority scheduling for services
  8. Discounts on add-on services
  9. Manage communication & scheduling with third party vendors on your behalf

Examples of Included Home Maintenance Items

This list is just an example and is not all-inclusive:

  • Pest Control
  • Inspect roof & gutters
  • Clean garbage disposal
  • Replace furnace filters
  • Inspect decks & patios for deterioration
  • Test and change batteries in smoke/CO2 detectors
  • Winterize exterior faucets
  • Clean heat registers and vents
  • Inspect attic & crawl
  • Check water heater for leaks
  • Inspect fire extinguisher
  • Clean fridge and freezer drip pans
  • Clean kitchen exhaust hood and air filter
  • Clean appliances (fridge, dishwasher, washer/dryer) and perform basic maintenance

    And dozens more, including customer requests.

What is the Cost?

We have 2 payment options:

1. Pay Per Quarter – $450 before tax
No contract, please provide 30 day notice to cancel. Initial visit is $600 before tax to include inspection & maintenance.

2. Pay Annually – $1,560 before tax (20% discount)

NOTE: If you currently subscribe to quarterly pest control this pricing will replace that.

Why Sign Up?

Reason #1 – Home Maintenance Made Easy

Whether you’re slammed with balancing multiple schedules or you’re busy living a relaxed, retired life… you have enough on your plate. We can alleviate the burden of keeping your home running smoothly.

Reason #2 – Wise Maintenance Choices

Our customers make responsible and intelligent money decisions. By keeping an eye on the most common and expensive things that can go wrong you’re proactively protecting your largest investment.

Reason #3 – A Healthy and Safe Living Space

Your home is your sanctuary. Our customers understand the duty they have to their families and guests to provide a healthy and comfortable space.


Do you do all the work yourselves?

Our technicians are training to do the majority of maintenance items themselves. If there’s a specific need that we identify but can’t address, we’ll manage the process of finding and scheduling a third party to help. For example, our technicians cannot assist with most plumbing or electrical issues.

How long does it take?

We schedule 3-4 hours every quarter to make sure we have enough time to inspect and perform each maintenance item.

Are there any additional costs?

There are no hidden fees! If you request additional services there may be added costs but you’ll always receive an estimate beforehand.

“From the Chimney to the Crawlspace, We Have You Covered”

5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★
355+ Reviews

5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★
190+ Reviews

5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★
5+ Reviews