Issaquah Rodent Control

One Time Rodent Control Pricing

If you have an active rodent issue, this is the option for you. If you’re looking for rodent prevention, the Guaranteed Plan is the better options. This service may include:

  • Interior, exterior, attic & crawlspace inspection to identify pest activity, possible entry points, and conducive conditions to future rodent problems.
  • Removal of rodent carcasses
  • Traps set in all areas with activity, plus defensive/monitoring traps
  • Identify and seal up all accessible entry points on the ground level. Some entry points may need to be referred to a license contractor.
  • Set 2-4 rodent bait stations along the exterior of the house.
  • Consult with you on recommendations, what to expect and possible next steps.
  • Follow-up visits are $75 each if completed with 45 days of the initial treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rodent Control

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How long does it take to control rodents?

We schedule 2 visits by default, the first to inspect, set traps, seal entry points, place bait stations, and consult with the homeowner. The second is to reinspect and service the traps. Sometimes it takes additional visits but there are too many variables to predict this. Additional visits are $75 each if completed within 45 days.

Is there a guarantee or warranty?

Our guarantee for rodent control is discounted pricing for future visits within 45 days. You may also choose to sign up for our quarterly Guaranteed Plan once an active rodent problem is eliminated!

Are rodents dangerous?

Most rodents in Issaquah and the surrounding areas don’t carry major diseases. We do have the deer mouse which can carry hantavirus which is very dangerous so we’ll guide you through the process of cleanup and prevention if necessary.

Will we need to replace our insulation?

We won’t know until we take a look at the crawlspace and attic. We don’t do the insulation work ourselves but can refer you to a few great contacts. We chose not to do the insulation work specifically because we want to have an unbiased perspective when we make our recommendations, as crawlspace and attic cleanouts can be rather spendy.

Do you seal up entry points?

Yes, we seal up all visible and accessible entry points on the ground level, assuming they can be sealed with spray foam, mesh screen, pea gravel, steel wool, or vent guards. Some tasks will need to be referred to a contractor.

Do you inspect the roof, too?

Sometimes, if the roof is safely accessible and traversable. We aren’t licensed roofers and therefore unable to work on every roof. We can look up the home on Google Maps Street View and make a decision there. If we agree to inspect the roof, we need to add on another hour to the appointment and another $125.

How long does the first appointment take?

We set aside a 2-hour block to ensure we have enough time inspect and service the entire home thoroughly. If we’re doing a roof inspection, we schedule a 3 hour block.

Pre-treatment and Post-treatment Instructions

Please complete as many of these items as you can prior to our arrival. Customer cooperation can make all the difference in battling a rodent problem!

Pre-treatment Instructions:
  • Clear attic and crawlspace access areas.
  • If there‚Äôs activity in the kitchen, pull appliances out so we can access behind them.
  • Declutter garage and living areas as much as possible.
  • Trim back bushes and foliage from siding and foundation, pull back yard debris.
Post-treatment Instructions:
  • Leave traps in living areas until activity has ceased.
  • Leave traps in garage, crawlspace and attic indefinitely.
  • Keep clutter, foliage and yard debris to a minimum to discourage harborage areas.
  • Keep a keen eye for activity, also for smells and noises.
  • Address any conducive conditions we noted in our treatment summary.
  • Notify us immediately of additional activity.

100% Money-Back Guarantee!